Soft Close - TIP-ON Mechanisms

Handle-less cabinet doors open easily and effortlessly at a single touch with the TIP-ON mechanical opening system by BLUM.

This versatile Push to Open mechanism is suitable for handle-less furniture cabinets around the home - in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other living areas

TIP-ON is combined with UNSPRUNG CLIP top BLUM hinges to delivery top quality motion for doors.

TIP-ON is a standalone system - the piston (two versions available) can be tapped into a 10mm hole drilled into the edge of the carcase.
Alternatively, it can be locked into an adapter plate (in-line or cruciform) and screwed to the inside of the carcase.

To close, simply press shut and the TIP-ON magnet works with a catch plate to ensure the door is closed securely.

TIP-ON can also be used for AVENTOS stay lifts.
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