CODANIA PROFILE Cupboard Handle - 10 sizes - 3 finishes (HETTICH - Organic)
CODANIA PROFILE Cupboard Handle - 10 sizes - 3 finishes (HETTICH - Organic)
CODANIA PROFILE Cupboard Handle - 10 sizes - 3 finishes (HETTICH - Organic)
CODANIA PROFILE Cupboard Handle - 10 sizes - 3 finishes (HETTICH - Organic)
CODANIA PROFILE Cupboard Handle - 10 sizes - 3 finishes (HETTICH - Organic)

CODANIA PROFILE Cupboard Handle - 10 sizes - 3 finishes (HETTICH - Organic)

Product code: 9209994

Profile Pull Handle

** requires router installation

HETTICH handles are available SPECIAL ORDER ONLY from Germany.  Please note that 3-4 WEEKS Lead Time applies.

For a limited time only & whilst main UK distributor stocks last, some items may be available from UK stock with a reduced lead time of 3-5 working days. Customers will be advised of an ETA on receipt and processing of their order. 

Product Code Finish Hole Centres (mm) Overall Length (mm) Thickness / Height (mm) Projection (mm) Cost per handle (£)
(exc p&p)
9209994 * BSS 236mm 295mm 10mm 45mm £ 8.10
9209996 * BSS 315mm 395mm 10mm 45mm £ 9.80
9209997 * BSS 355mm 445mm 10mm 45mm £ 10.65
9210058 * BSS 395mm 495mm 10mm 45mm £ 11.50
9210059 BSS
475mm 595mm 10mm 45mm £ 13.25
9210061 * BSS 715mm 895mm 10mm 45mm £ 18.65
9210062 * BSS 795mm 995mm 10mm 45mm £ 20.70
9210063 BSS 954mm 1195mm 10mm 45mm £ 24.10
9265997 * BL 236mm 295mm 10mm 45mm £ 14.10
9265998 * BL 275mm 345mm 10mm 45mm £ 15.85
9265999 BL 315mm 395mm 10mm 45mm £ 17.40
9266000 BL 355mm 445mm 10mm 45mm £ 18.95
9266001 BL 395mm 495mm 10mm 45mm £ 20.80
9266002 BL 475mm 595mm 10mm 45mm £ 23.80
9266004 BL 715mm 895mm 10mm 45mm £ 34.55
9266005 BL 795mm 995mm 10mm 45mm £ 38.00
9266067 GOLD 236mm 295mm 10mm 45mm £ 14.95
9266068 GOLD 275mm 345mm 10mm 45mm £ 16.80
9266069 GOLD 315mm 395mm 10mm 45mm £ 18.45
9266070 GOLD 355mm 445mm 10mm 45mm £ 20.15
9266071 GOLD 395mm 495mm 10mm 45mm £ 21.80
9266072 GOLD 475mm 595mm 10mm 45mm £ 25.40
9266073 GOLD 635mm 795mm 10mm 45mm £ 33.10
9266074 * GOLD 715mm 895mm 10mm 45mm £ 36.70
9266075 * GOLD 795mm 995mm 10mm 45mm £ 40.30
9266076 * GOLD 954mm 1195mm 10mm 45mm £ 47.65
ProDecor Surface
Finishes Available





Hettich Style World ORGANIC
ProDecor Material ALUMINIUM


This handle is now discontinued in SIZES MARKED * and is only available while supplier stocks last.
Please contact us prior to placing your order to confirm current stock availability
as supplier stock levels are subject to change day by day.

It is recommended that this Profile Handle is installed by a qualified carpenter / kitchen fitter
Please refer to the Dimensional Drawing for all measurements required for successful router installation

** This handle requires a horizontal cut-out along the top edge of the cabinet or drawer. The handle slots over the top of the drawer or cabinet. To fit, create a horizontal cut-out (11mm deep and 2.6mm wide) along the top edge of the cabinet or drawer to slot the handle into place. This will extend the cabinet or drawer height by 3mm so please ensure there is enough clearance for this. The cut out will need to be made using a specific tool such as a circular saw or router - the handle is not fixed using fixing screws, but knocked into place into the slot as described above. Adhesive may be used for an extra-secure fit.

This handle is available to suit a range of cabinets and drawers, from 295mm length to 1195mm (so to suit a 300mm wide up to 1200mm wide drawer or door front specifically)

Further details of the handles dimensional specifications can be viewed above


All HETTICH Products are ordered direct from the UK distributor / manufacturer in Germany
on receipt of a customer order/payment
Please be advised that extended despatch times will therefore apply - 
DESPATCH - within 5-20 working days of receipt of order/payment dependent on whether stock is available at the UK distributor warehouse or has to be ordered in from Hettich in Germany
Fixing Screws
All of our items come complete with the required number of
to suit a standard 18mm thick Cabinet Door / Drawer Front
Longer length screws available to purchase separately
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