Homes that speak to the senses - with a touch of luxury
Shimmering metals and majestic colours define the DELUXE style world
The powerful handle design conjures an ambience that pleases the senses, extending an irresistible invitation to touch ...

Please note that a new ordering system has been implemented by the main UK distributor of Hettich ProDecor handles.
A selection of the most popular handle styles, sizes and finishes from the DELUXE range will now be available to order from UK Stock.
The remainder of the DELUXE range (once any remaining UK stock levels have been depleted) will then only be available by Special Order in full box quantities.
For your convenience, we have added search facilities to the main Hettich ProDecor category page.
This details all handles that are available from UK Stock and those that are Special Order only.
If you have any questions or to check stock availability, please contact us.

Fixed Price Delivery Charge of £ 5.95 for all Hettich products (excludes items over 1m in length)
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